Election 2016

How many of us choose a candidate to vote for because of their stand on one or two specific issues? Should we not be voting for the best qualified person for the position, and not the one whom we most agree with?

In years past I have chosen a candidate because of their stance on gun control, abortion, or some other issue, yet I have done myself and this country a disservice by not considering what is best for the country.

What is best for the country is the candidate that seeks to protect the principles upon which our country was founded, protects the health and welfare of its citizens, manages the business of government in a manner that represents good business practices, and does not single out those of a specific interest for promotion of their ideals over whites accepted as normal by the majority. We are a representative republic that seeks to control the size of the governing process of a true democracy by selecting individuals to represent us in the law making process. Unfortunately, many of those we elect to represent us seek to carry out their own wills and ideals to the detriment of those  who have elected them.

On the other side of the coin, it is impossible to have a perfect country, governing system, or candidate because we are all fallen creatures. While we all would like to have our own way and have everything in this country match our wants exactly, this is pure selfishness to the Nth degree. Those who claim to follow Jesus must seek to love those around them, even when they disagree with the stance others are taking on any issue. This country was created on the principle of freedom and liberty,  but we all infringe on the freedom and liberty of others when we seek to advance our own agendas, whether it be religion, atheism, socialism or whatever. were will always be those who disagree with us and see a different point of view.

The idea of tolerance is nice, but true tolerance is an impossibility because this would lead to the worst kind of anarchy – indifference towards self and others. Jesus did not teach us to be indifferent or tolerant. He taught us to stand up for truth and righteousness, and that stand must begin within our own hearts. That truth has a source, or else there would be nothing for us to base our system of laws on. How do we know right and wrong if there is not something from which to base our ideals and ideas of right and wrong. Even the young child on the playground will cry out “that’s not fair” because he has within his own soul a a desire for righteousness. This child is showing an intolerance for what is wrong, as do we when someone runs a stop sign and almost hits our car, ;having us uttering expletives and condemnation on the wrongdoer.

When will we realize that there is an issue within us that we cannot fix? The issue, as revealed in the voice of the child on the playground is that of sin. A willful desire to do what we want, inspire of what our creator has demanded of us – obedience to his commands. Are you “doing your own thing” at the cost of your soul? God, through Isaiah, tells us that we are all filthy to the core (Isaiah 64:6). David wrote, and Paul quoted “there is none who does good…” (Psalm 14:1,3; Romans 3:10–12).

Commit your ways unto the Lord, and he will “give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). This does NOT meant hat he will give you the desires you have in this world. That is idolatry; just a as it is idolatry to expect our government and elected officials to make everything right in the world around us so we can have a cushy life.



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